Monday, July 6, 2015

The Price of Eggs in Spain

You, I am sure are wondering why on this round earth is he writing on egg prices? I know. But yet It is happening all around you and you are being bombarded with it every day. The media and news broadcasts blare it in your face. So often you pick up a morning paper or turn on the news, only to see one or two lurid reports that make headlines and then you realize it was a boondoggle. You know if you have been watching the news lately that it has been a rhetoric story of the LGBT community and their "Victory". For me, it has become very cloying. Here I will insert that no, I am not going to start a discussion on this matter. I feel that God has been displeased with the decisions we as a country have been making and this is only a harbinger of coming times. The main point for writing this is to point out how media can make a topic seem ubiquitous when in reality it is a minority subject. Many people are in a state on oblivion because of the news. I will use the LGBT ruling as an example of this. We as US citizens, in part, follow some news or at least the main stories. I want you to think; after all the news stories lately and publicity they have had what percent of the US identifies as LGBT? Shockingly, it is only a few points more than in 2011 and 2002, the latest as of 2015 polled at a 3.8% of the United States population. I am astounded how our media and news has ostracized the common people but has raised up minorities as martyrs. I have a very British heritage and yet, why don't I have my British holidays on the calendar or get a vacation for them? What minority group has won as many lawsuits with bakeries and event halls as the LGBT community? Two weeks ago a Christian study called 10 different gay recognized bakeries and they all refused to make a cake for a straight couple, celebrating their one man one woman marriage. Exactly where is this tolerance? The news is blasting in our face the devastation people face over such instances. All I ask for is a little more carte blanche. So often the news equivocates us from reality. So if you don't get anything from this, at least remember sometimes you need to take the news as a grain of salt, not a truckload. As the Bible states in Matthew,"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed,for this must take place, but the end is not yet", sometimes we think Jesus needs to return to earth soon because it is getting so vile, but as the verse states, maybe this is not the time yet, we have only to wait and watch to find out.

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