Sunday, December 14, 2014

The story your writing

Every bodies got a story their writing,
today a wall that their climbing,
you can carry the past on your shoulder,
or you can start over.
Regret, no matter what you've gone through,
Jesus, he gave it all to save you,
He carried the cross on his shoulder,
so you can start over.
("Start over" Royal Flush)
So I have been pondering the story that we leave behind us. It is like a trail of bread crumbs through a town, and when the mice follow it they find the source.  Our lives are very similar.  We go about our life leaving tidbits here and there and those watching us can see what we do. (Facebook is a great example). So many times those the closet to us can see our hearts much better then ourselves. I have many times had a close friend show me somewhere I was reacting to my past or to something I didn't appreciate in my parents.
We need to daily sit down and ask ourselves, so what did I write in my story today?  Do I need to do better tomorrow or am I ok with the way it is. For me I look back over each day, at times wondering what I was thinking, other times I know it went as God planned. The point I'm getting to is this. We plan our lives our way, then God plans our lives His way. We many times point out the times our plan and God's plan lined up, even though it was only for a short time. We need to make sure we are aligning our entire lives with God's plan not just the convenient times. We so often think His ways may take us to a place we dont want to go, talk to someone we dont like, or even drop a tradition that we cling to dearly.
Every person has a past a present and some length of future.  We can't change our past, we live in the present, but we can't predict the future.  Some people are blest to have a past that they aren't ashamed to share.  A past that yes they did some things wrong but never really were to bad. At times I think that would be so nice to be able to say that but then I think, would I be as glad of what God has brought me out of if I hadn't really done anything I felt was very wrong? I in no way encourage young people to do wrong.  There is the law of reaping and sowing that always applies to the wrong we do. When some things in life don't go as planned it makes you think of your past. That is where my mind has been the last few nights of night duty. Pondering over things that have happened in my past wondering if that affected some actions in my present.
I thank God for the forgiveness and redemption he brings to our lifes when we ask him to. Life is a journey that we are walking, we can make it a example to those following or a example of what not to do to those following. What will you choose to let God make your life?

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