Friday, December 5, 2014

Living with abandonment for God

I have been pondering my life of late and just feel like i need to abandon more for God. He has done so much for me that i really should be able to accept or do anything he wants. Some of these thoughts are from a sermon I read today that impressed me.
What does it mean to live with abandon?
Living with abandon means that we are giving our whole life over to the service of Christ. It means that we drop everything that we hold onto and give it over to Jesus for His glory. He might take our friends, family, but if we trust fully in him we will see the end goal. Living with abandon means that we answer His call on our life and we hold our commitment to Him above everything else in our lives. Nothing is held back and everything is surrendered to the person of Jesus. It means that we live each day with the attitude of No reserves, no retreat and no regrets. We will commit our thoughts and each of the things we hold dear, to God for His using, taking, and breaking.
What does it take to live with abandon?
Following Jesus is not for the timid, it is not for the faint of heart. Following Jesus will be the greatest challenge we could ever embrace. Being a disciple means nothing less than giving over your whole life, your whole heart, over to the control of Christ. Living ith abandon means that your all is given to the Lordship of Jesus. The call of Jesus is to live a life that has died to the world. It means living a life that is focused on the things of eternal nature instead of things of earth.
The Apostle Paul is an excellent example of living with abandon. Paul understood what it meant to live a radical life for Christ. Paul gave every part of his life to Christ and His service. He gave his incredible mind, his body, his heart and eventually his life to the cause of Christ. Paul turned the world upside down because he lived an abandoned life. Are we willing to stand out, stand up and make a difference in the world as Paul did? God has far higher goals for us then we know, so as He leads and takes us his way, we can trust that it is within His plans, His journey for our lives. Where would we be without His leading in this crazy world?  I pray that you will think about, am I living with abandon for God today?

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