Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My take on music

I know and knew before i ever voiced my concerns on this subject that there would be haters. I understand everyone has a right to there opinion and free mind, but not everyone has experienced the same things. No you really don't know everything!  I don't either. I have hesitated to share anything about this for one it doesn't make you famous and two it can tick off friends... but i keep getting a nagging feeling to share a real life story of what music did, and the out come.
  I know there are many genres of music. Some which are good, some to your own discerning, and some very blatantly wrong. This kind is on the verge of wrong and not all wrong. It im sure you all know is Country. It has a good song for every ten wrong so many will still argue that it is fine. It has 6 songs about broken homes, new women, sex and sinful desires out of every ten. It has 3 songs on alcohol, lust and pride also out of every ten... good music? Good morals? I don't want my kids listening to that. They will get the idea that broken homes and x,s and alcohol are the norm. I grew up with that. I don't want them to. I have seen that, i don't want to hear it on the radio all day every day. Maybe you haven't came through a broken home, and drunkards in your family. But do you have to till you see my point? Why do so many Christians think they have to experience it themselves to believe it? Why are so many youth, many who were my friends, skipping God for the "fun" sin and what the world has to offer? Why? I know by now some will have stopped reading simply because they dont agree, others because they know its true, but i still have a burden that they see the side affects this can cause. It is becoming a bigger problem in our conservative churches, and the effects will last for years.
  The story that i want to give as an example happened some years ago to one of my good friends.  We were best of buds. We lived close to gather and played together often. We aged together (not sure if i can say grew up...). He liked his music i liked mine. I argued with others that his music was fine, as so did he. He loved country, i loved classical and Modern Christian . He was a country boy, i was a town boy. We did many things together, to his liking and to mine. I'd sit and watch people, he'd go talk to them. So i watched him. We both turned more rebellious. He became inseparable from his music. I worried for him, and tried to tell him maybe go alil bit more without it but to no avail. We got older. He became a drinker and smoker. I by God's grace saw my sin and turned to Him. He got involved with women and the world's lures drew him in deeper. It cut me deep, he didn't listen to anything i told him. I realized that by supporting and fighting for things he wanted that were a detriment to his soul, was where i failed him. I was to blame.  It was his choice but i too was at fault. So friends i have had this burden on my heart for years. I want to see you in heaven. Please listen a little deeper to the words of the music you listen to. I know the older songs my be good but that is not what they play on the radio now! Its the new hits with the words that leave you empty, wanting to live like they say but yet still not finding fulfillment in life. Its not worth it people, never. Good night.

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