Monday, March 17, 2014

Life....goes on

The ponderings of a soul on night duty...
My mind wonders/wanders wildly to start with then give it a 10 hour night shift for two weeks! Lets just say i have mulled a large amount of data through these feeble brain cells lately. The Future is probably the heaviest on my mind of late...
  Back when i signed into come to Hillcrest i had been looking into nursing school, and that was my main reason for coming at first. Then i felt i should just do my 15 months see how it goes, and God will lead from there...  Well i loved my job! I loved working with people and even the not so glorious job of making families of residents happy. I felt i found my calling. My life for the next 4 years was planned out in school, perquisites, RN school and then a Bachelors. I could relax and be a floating Christian, the kind that  doesn't really need anything, but in reality needs God more than anything! Well i never had got my GED and so in February i had to start on that. I went the first day and came in headfirst to rock (Yeah i hate to say it but its algebra ). I found out that yes it was true that the GED had been made twice as hard and now it was 55% algebra.... So i started to study, and study, math was never hard i just never sat still long enough to learn it. Now i had to. So i went and pretested in science, reading, language, and social studies and passed easily, but behold it was time for night duty! So on i went on. I seem to need more sleep on night duty now so i can never get into class... Then we had a snow storm that closed class for 3 days. Now 2 days from coming off night duty  its dumps snow again. Is God telling me something again?  What exactly is He wanting for my life in the coming months?  I have been having doubts about if He really wants me in nursing school, or is that Satan telling me i can't do it? I have been told that so many times in life i feel i need to break that chain i will and can do it. I know with God anything is possible. Really?  Anything?  Wow! So if God really does want me to get into school he will make a way, i know He will. He will help me through all the paper work and applying for college, and grants, the intense first 2 months, finding a house, and still working on the side. He can make a way, it just can seem a little impossible right now. And then i leave on mission trip to Vietnam for two weeks in April. So its crunch time. I need to multiply hours and add days between here and there. May is just around the corner and that's when school will start if God so plans that way. So i know God has two really big hands to put our problems in... well mine may be small, but I'm glad the stress is out of my hands for now. Thank you Jesus! So the outcome of night duty?  Well even though i have despised and hated it this time, i have found myself again. God still is very good!

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