Monday, November 25, 2013


you know that moment when you bond with a new person? and that feeling of friendship and understanding wash over your soul and spirit in waves of thankfulness? i love when God sends new friends into my life especially when i have lost one that is close and need someone to pour my thoughts on, which i do in a strong stream to those who know me. and the understanding that is shared and felt is a thing from God. well i have some of those wonderful people in my life of late and it blesses my heart. i can relate to them on a peer to peer level and they understand. i know at times i can probably be quite annoying to them but they don't show it. and to think they can sit and listen to this boy go on and on for 3 hours of his woes and trials is pretty amazing! takes some strong minded people. this is a thankful time of year you know and one of the things i'm so thankful for this year is close trustworthy friends. last night was just one of them nights that you feel so full that you need to burst and talk to someone, thank God it worked out to go and pour my struggles out on a friends open ear. and be encouraged God always knows what i need. God has been very good to me the last year and i thank Him for His many blessings i have received. at times i think of the future and wonder whats in store but than i have to hand it back to God and say take control since it looks so big. so have a great thanksgiving! and i will too, i have my friends close by and God is still in control.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

COEXIST? God forbid!

I've been thinking alot about last times and how we as Christians accept things that are very unchristian. Like take World Peace, COEXIST, the progressive governments around the world leading to moral breakdown. The little broken peace symbol so many people innocently display not knowing its a slap in a Christians face. What are we thinking as Christians to accept things that slowly take away our morals, our nonresistance, our non-conformity. Yes we hate hearing that, its hard to accept. But really we as a Christian people need a shaking, a breaking of habits and turning to God. Think your Spirit-filled friends take it to far? I don't. We need more alive spiritfilled Christians and not as many lukewarm, typical, mainstream christians!