Monday, May 13, 2013

What day is it?.....

Well my friends its been awhile!  I am settled in nicely and have gotten to know a bunch of the people here. I'm so glad i came!! I love it so far. I am into my second week of CNA school i have a week and a half left yea!!!  I start clinicals next week and i train in here too... i trained last Sunday also. I cant wait to start full in the home its so rewarding and i love being around the youth here, not studying for school
On saterday we (the 4 off that day) went on a canoe trip and made our food the old way. Fried on a rock over a fire, stared with flint and steel with sticks from the woods... it was a epic day!! And it ended up with a crawdad hunt and RN grad party.
Tonight a group of 16 of us went to a awesome lake a half hour away. We went pontooning and rock climbing it was a beautiful place. And had supper with the setting sun!