Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my pre trip thoughts

One month and 16 days till i arrive at Hillcrest Home Arkansas! Then my life will be changing, i pray it will change me and i can be a blessing there too. I will be rather happy to get away from all the stress at work things can get rather trying at times. Like tonight working till 6:45 and stil having to go in at 5:00 tomorrow morning because people didnt get the kitchen cabinets built on time and since i work at the final end i have to clean up the messes and work late to keep it all on time... oh my enough on that. I know there will be trying times at Hillcrest too but i know God will give me patience and grace. Since this is a first for me bloging i will make it short. I need to start packing my belongings to store and packing for my 8 day trip to Mexico next Tuesday with a friend so goodnight

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