Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In flight

Up and away, on my way, to Mexico. I felt i needed to spend some time with one of my friends before i leave for Hillcrest so we decided on Cancun Mexico. We'll be there for 8 days and hopefully have a nice sun time. I did have a slight disappointment about going to Hillcrest it will now be 2-3 years before they accept nursing students so i will just be a cna till God works something out for me. I may wait or go to a different college we'll see when the time comes. I still want to fill my time at HC though, i believe it will be good for me to dedicate some of my life to helping the elderly in voluntary service. I will probably be off line for the rest of my 8 days so farewell. The next post will be at leaving time for Hillcrest!  Yeah!!!

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