Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In flight

Up and away, on my way, to Mexico. I felt i needed to spend some time with one of my friends before i leave for Hillcrest so we decided on Cancun Mexico. We'll be there for 8 days and hopefully have a nice sun time. I did have a slight disappointment about going to Hillcrest it will now be 2-3 years before they accept nursing students so i will just be a cna till God works something out for me. I may wait or go to a different college we'll see when the time comes. I still want to fill my time at HC though, i believe it will be good for me to dedicate some of my life to helping the elderly in voluntary service. I will probably be off line for the rest of my 8 days so farewell. The next post will be at leaving time for Hillcrest!  Yeah!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Leaving with mixed feeling

Feelings! Its just a little thing that goes on inside you when your mind is running... but yes there needed and in need of control! Mine are slightly mixed right now so i am trying to put them in order in this waffle i call my brain. My waffle is a Belgium kind, it seems to deep to get to the bottom sometimes !  With a church that was so peaceful and on fire for Christ 3 years ago when i moved here i can't believe it now. Division and upheaval disagreements and pain. Hurt people are the out come of church splits. And so we need God, here, among us. To either unite us, or help us lovingly separate and be at peace with God, man, and ourselves.  Turn this hurt into healing Lord! Send your healing rain. Remake us. Build up our hearts and souls in you. I long to see Gods people united! We dont need these walls between this group and that group! We are a family all working for the Lord, lets act like a family! We see someone different then us and start judging, lets be upbuilding! And get to know them and understand what they do not judge them. Honestly!  Are we 5 yr olds? Grow up in Christ, start speaking out for him. Stop the gossip circle that runs rampant in many ' conservitive ' christian circles. Be a light to your neighbors, start a anti-wall group that tares down walls to bring peace to the christian circles. Use what God has given you my friend to better this world and Gods kingdom! It takes one person with a virus to spread it to millions, it takes one faithful christian to start the bonfire of revival, be that person!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my pre trip thoughts

One month and 16 days till i arrive at Hillcrest Home Arkansas! Then my life will be changing, i pray it will change me and i can be a blessing there too. I will be rather happy to get away from all the stress at work things can get rather trying at times. Like tonight working till 6:45 and stil having to go in at 5:00 tomorrow morning because people didnt get the kitchen cabinets built on time and since i work at the final end i have to clean up the messes and work late to keep it all on time... oh my enough on that. I know there will be trying times at Hillcrest too but i know God will give me patience and grace. Since this is a first for me bloging i will make it short. I need to start packing my belongings to store and packing for my 8 day trip to Mexico next Tuesday with a friend so goodnight